Friday, July 13, 2007

July 13, 2007

today i had to buy a gift for a friends daughters wedding. sooo i got dressed to go to the mall. wearing my white jeans skirt and pink T shirt and peds with strappy sandels (cubby codlers very comfy)  yeaaa! she has allready gotten married but didn't get a reception since her husband is in the servace so , this is for the famialys and friends here in new jersey. (the parents now live in another state). although i have another commitment to attend that day i still wanted to send a gift. i ended up at macy's getting a glass and silver dish. next while i was in macy's i decided to stop at the clinque counter for some makeup remover, called take the day off i think, (this is great stuff as it doesn't dry your face out and is mild for around the eyes it's in a light purple bottle. a gorgous gg friend gave me this awhile ago and she's right it's great) from there i needed something to eat (as shopping takes a lot of energy, actually being diana takes a lot of energy LOL) so next onto the food court where the counter man yes mamed me which felt wounderful to hear. i don't know if i was read but i am comfortable with being diana so i doesn't matter much.

next stop was cvs to look for my nail polish i like. i think wet and wild changed the formula agh and i couldn't find it. ended up buying another brand. probably more money wasted if it's not the color i want. if it weren't for gg's and us buying the wrong makup and tossing it i think the economy would come to a stop LOL.

fianally stopped at walmart on the way home to try the individual 3 x womans undershirts or rather called tank shirts which i could only find 2 of. although i am an 18 i can fit in a med. but... with broader shoulders and the shirts being cotton... they tend to shrink so i am experamenting with the sizes a bit. since an XL works in the mens sizes i am hoping it's like shoes that go about 2 sixes larger in name for womans from a mens size number.
but i have found that womans sizes are subject to a targeted market and many times in clothing it's not allways what the number says.

with the nice weather again (70 low humidity) it reminded be of southern california. so it was a wounderful day!

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