Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 26, 2007

today i decided to treat myself again and took the afternoon off to go to the beach again at the south end of ocean grove.

i arrived late around 6:15 and it was overcast and windy lucky i had brought the wind barrier. for those of you who don't know this is basically a 9' piece of canvas with 4 broom handles every 3' each handle is sharpened on one end to poke into the sand creating a small wall of canvas about 4 and 1/2 feet high blocking the south west winds (warm off the water at this time of year).
after putting my feet in the water and saying hello to the couple with the kite and grandchildren that i met 2 weeks ago i sat down to eat a very late lunch or early dinner of chicken sandwich. since it gets dark early i left the beach at 7:15 to change out of my maillot bathing suit and back into my pink "T" , white jeans skirt and sandals.
i decided to say hi as Diana to a friend from the glbt community in ocean grove. Dave had never seen me as Diana but knew of me as i had told him awhile ago. i have know him over 30 years since he first lived across from me where i summered. he is a very humble person considering he has preformed in many TV commercials over the years.
next it was time to say hi to the gang at the Paradise club i saw at least one familiar face from 2 weeks ago.
at 10pm it was time to find some dinner so it was back to Clancy's' at the gates of ocean grove. although this is a straight bar i was treated with respect, great service and always a great meal. (they have great burgers ) finally at 11:30pm it was time for the 1 hour ride home.

on the way i had to stop at the parkway restroom stop and before arriving home i used my pass card to check my mailbox at the post office finally arriving home about 12:45.

sorry i don't have any location photos due to the overcast day.

it was a nice day accept it gets dark earlier and the overcast sky with the wind .

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