Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 29, 2007

i went to the Dr. the other day to get my BP med renewed and ended up with a case of "white coat syndrome" the elavatred pulse and BP came back down to normal when i got home 3-4 hours later. he suggested a tiny amount of bata blocker.

he explained as a preformer i probably have a bit of excess adrenalyne wandering around in my system which usually burns off during preformances as a muscian. (i have not activly preformed in about 3 years during the time i helped take care of my mom) but i know the BP problem kicked in arounded this stressfull time as i had stopped playing at that time as well(wind instrumentelists who practice 3-4 hours a day are known to have great lung capacity just no other mussels giggle giggle). makes me kind of wonder if cding has contributed to the problem or helped in burning off some of the adrenline.

this has me soooo bumed out that i don't even feel like dressing as diana. it kind of took the "wind out of my cd sails".

i know there are worse things in the world and i guess i should be happy i have made it to 50 but i've built up to walking a mile a day or more over the last several years and have added lettuce to my diet noon and dinner( i don't like dressing so i don't use any) i don't smoke or drink. geee wiz you'd think that'd count for something....

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