Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21, 2009

well here it is "new beginnings" like the start of a new day or a clean piece of drawing paper. that along with the start of a new year.
we now have a new president who has given us great hope for the future. may god give him strenth and wisdom as he will need it.
i liked the "we " in his speach and his closing comment that a decendent of someone not welcomed into certian stores could become the highest leader in the country. and this doesn't just refer to his heritage but all of us that are decendents of immagrents. my families came form ireland and germany and the irish were told they were not wanted accept as workers. and so it has gone with each new immagrent until they "have" become "us" as friends, relitaves and neighbors. then suddenly it's " oh he's not a foreigner he's just our "*" what ever (friend , relitive ect.)
we in the trans comunity and those in the greater community of the glbt really are only begining to understand this. "we" are part of a greater community that of the united states and the world and the human race. it is all part of the evolution of the human race. educaton brings wisdom. and the importance of fitting in and somewhat blending in .

sorry i got off the usually places i went and clothing choices today but i needed to share this in print.

meanwhile back in the jungle LOL i have had several chances to get out as diana in spite of the 6 degree temp outside this past week. it just ment digging out my heavier tights (i prefer panty hose) longer wool skirt, dress boots, fancier sweaters and long wool dress coat. now if that isn't bad enough just attempt this quick change "on the run" when it is this cold out.
ok i'll let you in on a secret actually the advantage of it being this cold out is i could wear it all onder slax and ... sometimes i used a womans cotten manish blouse with womans sweater vest. sooo only the dress coat got changed and i only needed to "loose" the slax. most times i usually have allready applyed a light coat of makeup at home so this cuts the change time too.

anyway to all those in the colder weather areas stay warm.


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