Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 5, 2009

hi everyone

although it is palm sunday i wanted to show everyone the inside of elaina's consignment shop called "look twice" in scotch plains nj. elaina has soooo many beautiful items and believe it or not all affordable .
the pink blouse i am wearing came as part of a suit (see last years easter outfit) from this shop. as did the pink faux pearls in this photo. in the backround you can see a few of the beautiful clothes in elaina's shop. and everyone is welcome in elaina's shop.

i wore the suit you see in the photo due to the fact it has been a chilly windy spring her in nj.

i stopped in here on my way to the the glbt dignity church service for palm sunday up in maplewood nj
on my way home from the service i stopped at home depo looking for a pretty comode seat (one in pink and one in blue) for my aunt and chatted with a couple beautifully dressed gg's who had also stopped in home depo on their way home from church. only the younger gg's hadn't changed into comfortable dressy walking shoes for walking in H.Depo.

but of course when i got back to the car it was a quick change back to the pretty open toed 2-1/2" healed shoes ahhh i loooove dressing pretty.... * sigh* (if i wanted to dress frumpy i'd just use guy clothes LOL)

finally it was time to head home to change back *sigh* and take my dad out for palm sunday dinnner (we went to the local diner)


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