Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009

There are those days that no matter how accustom one is to dressing in fem and "passing" with out detection..... you just can’t seem to pull it off and today was just that sort of day.

to pass one must dress appropriate for the time of day and it depends as to whether it is a week day, during summer when school is out, or back in the spring when most people are dressed in office wear. Remember for the most part we need all the help we can get in order to blend in . What a gg can get away with is a given and no one will question that she is a gg. but anything sightly off kilter gives us away.

since it was warm today I had no choice but to choose summer wear even though the time of year still dictates that since it is a week day that one should be in pantyhose and office wear. as I said it was to warm for that since it was in the high 70's.
anyway I’ll share my days events with you.
it started out with a stop at "look twice" consignment shop to say hi to the group there. with the sudden change in outside temperature I decided to wear my white jeans skirt , yellow "T" shirt and white sandals and purse.
since it was near 7pm they were getting ready to close so I left. I was already starting to feel like an ugly gal or rather a guy in a dress day!
but does that stop me nopers!

i figure i got all dressed up i might as well grin and bear it.

I continue on to buy some wig shampoo. I stop at the first beauty supply and find they are out of the shampoo i wanted aggghhh this means getting back in the car and going around the turnaround and across the road to the beauty supply on the other side of the highway.
but before I leave the first beauty supply I notice out of the corner of my eye a former neighbors' child now grown up at the counter... agghhh so I quickly leave. the only thing is that I have been seen... rats. I am already in the car when she comes out and waves at me. now I have only one choice but to get back out of the car and explain myself . she actually tells me she recognized me from the side view so we talked while I explained. she said it didn't matter. but it didn't make me happy since I still needed to go find the shampoo. now I was really feeling like a ugly gal-guy in a dress!
but again does this stop me noopers again.

so it's onto the next beauty supply where I buy the wig shampoo. here they are not as friendly but they had what I needed . at this point I decide to change back to smaller gold looking clip on type earrings verses the screw back danglers I had been wearing. I figured they were drawing too much of the wrong attention.
next stop a cosmetics store where it went much better. here I bought some new mascara. (after having used the one year old used only once mascara at the grand opening event i attented a couple of weeks ago. almost a big mistake. note all such makeup should be replaced after 3-months. aggghhh. I also matched and bought an eyebrow pencil in maybaline since the clinique brand seems to cause my eyebrows to itch. since I have exema I cant' take the chance on being itchy scratching or I really will be an ugly woman who would be reminiscent of the alligator person in the ol' side show.

prior to that I stopped at unique thrift store. here I bought a pink spaghetti strap shirt.

the earrings had somewhat disrupted my confidence level to begin with. couple that along with my untanned, slightly hairy arms being exposed further compounded the problem. even though I have light brown arm hair that I have thinned down to fit into both selves it still unnerved me a bit.
so one can see that confidence is very important in blending in . even though I have been able to get out shopping about 8-10 times a month lately something as simple as the change of seasonal clothing can disrupt my confidence. amazing!


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