Wednesday, June 30, 2010

june 30, 2010 - a milestone as diana

a milestone as diana
well today marks the 6 month point in which i have met my goal this year of haveing been able to get out "dressed pretty" on an average of  20 times per month. yeaaaaa!
see i told my male self i'd slowly take over his body * giggle giggle* this is not including the fact that i usually sleep pretty. minis the fancy hair though.

i don't usually get chance to note each event in my blog though but i do keep a hand written log though.

today i also had an interesting conversation with a gg in a department store.

since we kept bumping into each other through out the store in the womans clothes sections...

i said teasingly "i'm really not following you"

she says - get this " well i'm off to the mens clothing section so i doupt i'll bump into you again" LOL little did she know * giggle giggle" and believe me she was a cute blond GG that as my male self i would have liked to keep bumping into. LOL

so i nodded, smiled and said " i think you're right"


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