Monday, October 11, 2010

Oct. 11, 2010 - whew another one of those close calls with a neighbor

whew another one of those close calls with a neighbor
well today was another one of "those days"!
i needed to return some make up to the Ultra beauty supply store near me in watchung square mall. elayne the manager whom i know was very good about this. as i realized that the mascara was not the one i needed since it contained rayon fibers. and as usual the company maybeline had discontinued the comb applicator in the model i liked. what else is new, anything i like, seems to allways get discontinued. no matter how many i stock up on. LOL

since i was allready accross the highway anyway with in the mall i though might as well go to home depo for the epoxy i needed. but as luck would have it i see my neighbor and his wife and son in the paint isle. agggghhhh panic. so i circle around to the next couple  isles over to the adhesives. find the contact cement and as i am looking for the 2 part epoxy the older gentleman next to me strikes up a conversation  and when i mentin  how i use the contact cement for clarinet tenon cork repair he tells me that he played as a child and wishes he had continued about this moment out of the corner of my eye i see my neighbor ( who doesn't know about diana but has a daughter who as a child wanted to be a boy) round the courner agghhhhh panic again! i excuse my self and turn heel and continue off in the other direction. now i still  have not found the 2 part epoxy i wanted yet! so i head to the return desk and pay for the contact cement. and circle back way at the other end of the isl and keep an eye posted on my neighbor. finally i give up and head out the entrance to my car but as i walk toward my car.... i realize he is parked 4 cars from me in the same row! and guess what.... he and his family have now appeared at their van. it was like something from a si-fi movie. good grief! now you have to understand i really really like this neighbor . if i were going to chose a family member t add to my family like a cousin i would choose him! but for his being a mechanic he is very sensitive and maintains a TMI policy (to much information not wanted policy) so i circle back around the lot and return into the building and look for my epoxy and after all that... they don't carry what i want!!!

as i head back to the car i see a sales rep whom i allso know from my music teacher customers and decided to introduce my diana side to . i explained that i am just plain tired of hiding my diana side and that although i am not transitioning i do consider myself transgendered. lucky for me she doesn't freak out and we chat for awhile till her manager wandered by.

from there it was off to wendys for a side salad and a few chicken chunks.

next to Kols' to touch base with a class mate who knows about diana and although she was off i eneded up wandering in the juniors area and foud a tunik blouse i really  liked that had been 30.00 now on sale for 19.00. but in my opionion it wasn't priced low enough to be cute enough to by yet. you see as things go low enough on sale i have found they seem to get much cuter! anyway i ended up chatting with one of the sales ladys i know who was very welcoming and glad to see me. almost made up for the previous confusion in home depo. LOL

the last stop was to pick up some milk and the newspaper at 7-11

by now it was 9pm and i still needed to go home and cook dinner!

hugs to all

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