Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov.16, 2010 - an interesting question asked by a medical assistant...

i had an interesting question from a medical assistant the other day when i went in (as my male self) for the annual follow up to some blood work.
upon seeing my nails she says "nice nails" and that they were nicer and longer than hers.

i replied "thank you that is for my other self, would you like to know more?"

i said " i am not transitioning - transgendered but don't worry i don't use illegal hormones and i am not gay" and "i am tired of hiding and i decided i won't hide it� anymore".

i offered to show her a photo and although she was impressed she asked as she was leaving the room... "Why do you dress" as if it were a choice.

and i answered " why is someone gay?"

she shrugged her shoulders indicating that she didn't know the answer and i said "exactly".


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