Thursday, November 24, 2011

reflections on the thanksgiving holiday nov. 24th 2011

i have sooooo much to be thankful for!

as i ( as my other self dave) attended dinner with my dad and his sister , my aunt, at a local restaurant. these thoughts wandered through my mind. especially after my aunt mentioned about another power failure across town from her in bridgewater nj yesterday.
i thought i mentioned to my family was that we are soooo lucky to live in this part of the usa because  in many places in the world it would have taken a lot  longer than a week to get the the electric repaired and usable again.
to us in the metropolitan suburb and being this close to ny city ( about 45 min by train of bus) the 5 days it took to get back to having electricity seemed like eternity! and yet in many other places in the world that would have been a very short time!
it just seemed ironic that with all the new technology i was still relying on 1850's oil lamps.LOL

i am just glad that all the roads are finally cleared of the trees and electric wires that fell and that the roads  have been  reopened locally at least. also i was grateful that the temp wasn't any colder outside during the crisis when we were with out electricity. since we didn't need the problem of frozen or broken water pipes as well.

a bit later in the day the next thought that came to mind  was how lucky i am to still have my dad and aunt to have dinner with . you see they are both remarkable people even though my dad has slowed down a bit this year he is still a remarkable guy. and his sister is and always has been my favorite ( of the 4 original sisters).
over the last year as i have come out to both of them as well as all my immediate neighbors and most of my friends i was pleasantly surprised at how supportive and accepting they al have been of me. especially since i don't PLAN on transitioning!

which brought me to my next thought about how lucky i am to live in this part of the world and in this part of the usa. just to be able to go out in public and  come out to others locally and be accepted is truly wonderful!

so as this thanksgiving day comes to a close a final thought came to mind in that thanksgiving is not really just in one particular place or just on a specific day. it can be any place in the world on any day of the week  because thanksgiving like Christmas is really more about reflection upon the really important people in amongst our family and close friends  who have made an impact on our lives in a positive way.
it's having a roof over our heads and food in our stomach. and a safe place to rest. it is something that is deep inside of us with in our very being. but it is definitively not about having "more stuff now" as a friend of mines ' son came up with this phrase.

so to those who celebrated thanksgiving today i say i hope you had a happy thanksgiving.

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