Thursday, October 25, 2012

feeling like an old worn out Dinosaur ! oct . 25th , 2012

i felt i had to share today's experiences.
the other day i thought i had broken a filling (it turned out to be a chipped tooth) on the morning my dentist was leaving in a cab for the airport! since it was a back upper tooth i felt i needed to have a dentist check it out untill my dentist returned.
it turned out that the covering dentist was a person that i had known since 1st grade. he verrry nicely agreed to see me ( as my other self ) and i was somewhat relieved when he confirmed that it was not an "open" and that it could wait till my dentist returned if i wished. whew!
but it was his newish state of the art office that effected me the most. by the time i got home  that evening.

in one second  my tired over worried mind felt like a " tired old worn out behind the times dinosaur". i wondered how did this happen?  i walked in the office feeling for the most part up to date with technology and walked out feeling like rip van winkle who had somehow missed out on quite a few years of technology!
and please don't think i am ungrateful to my classmate as he was verrry gracious.
i am sure now it had  a lot to do with my late dinner and having worried myself into an exhausted state but still non the less i still felt like i was suddenly 75 years older than my 80 something dad!
Just old ugly and worn out!

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