Sunday, February 18, 2007

February 18, 2007

in spite of the cold I finally got to go out as Diana.
Since it was valentines day weekend (due to the storm on wed. everyone was still celabrating) I wore my red wool skirt , white blouse and black boots. Also since it was so cold out my long black dress coat all of which looked great with my shortish blond hair. i've found i can wear pale pink nail polish as my other self all the time to save time doing my nails.
I ended up at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. Then then off to Barns and Noble to look for a book on train layouts, and finally onto stop and shop to return 2 videos to the video rental machine called red box (what a bargan 1.00 ber day!) Finally it was time to go home! (How i hated to have to change back to my other self and have the day come to an end!)

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