Monday, February 18, 2008

February 18, 2008

well i finally got a min. to go out as Diana!  the good thing about cleaning out my deceased aunts house is that i decided to finish dressing and applying my make up over there. and since i had to go there anyway to allow someone to pick up a saw they had bought it was the perfect excuse to dress there. it's somewhat hard since there is now so little furniture left to sit on. giggle giggle.

anyway i have found that when i can get dressed with out being interupted on the run 20 mins seems to evolve into 1 hour (even with my unmentionables foundations allready on under my girlie /guy clothes. i even had the luxury of the use of a full length mirror for a change.

anyway after putting on my marroon leather skirt (since valentines day was just thursday) and brocade white blouse and black boots,i went to my dignity church meeting.
from there it was a stop at the good will (not one piece of interesting clothing in MY size LOL).
next i stopped at lowes for furnace filters then onto barns and nobel for a coin book. then onto stop and shop for orange juice (and some unmentionable personal items) 

by then i was getting hungry so off to rubby tuesdays for a burger. by now it was 9pm (i had started out at 5 pm) and i still had to bring dad's dinner home that he wanted from charlie browns. so a quick change on the way before entering the C.B. where everyone knows my other self.
the interesting thing is that i have found that if i only remove my lipstick and most of my eyeliner no one seems to notice i am wearing makeup. he he
i have tried this on the days i am wearing my guy looking girlie clothes along with my pale pink nail polish. ( i have only received both complements and a question as to why i keep them so shiny and i admit to wearing a clear coat with the excuse that it's an old mechanic's trick to keep them from cracking. besides all the old movie mobsters even got manicures because they could afford to look their best giggle giggle)
anyway so this way i can be girlie even on the days i have to look like a guy. he he it's a wonderful feeling.

the one interesting thing or should i say troubling thing that i have noticed in the last couple of days is that as we cd's try to look classy and pretty the gg's on the other had are trying to look plain. they seem to be keeping their nails short and with out polish. maybe it has something to do with the tight economy. even an older longtime barber told me that this year business didn't just slow down on election week it actually stopped. as did a mechanic i know who said the same thing. our self centered, selfish Hover like president doesn't seem to concerned about this, he just keeps asking for more gold to squander.
sorry, note to self keep it light ... (must have been my dark roots of my hair talking there for a min. giggle giggle because this blond tries to keep it light and classy)

but it is interesting anyway about the gg's and the short nails. they are not helping our attempt to blend in though... please encourage all the gg's you know to go back to the classy dressed up look, because if our roll models give up who are we going to have to look up to?

anyway i had a wonderful afternoon. and what a treat it was to be able to get dressed as a human being for a change and not on the fly. 


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