Sunday, February 24, 2008

February 24, 2008

as i mentioned i have been fortunate enough as i clean out my diecesed aunts' house to change there.
so here is a photo of the outfit i wore this evening.
i know it is hard to tell but this is a dark green plaid skirt and black boots and of course the mauve sweater (which i really looovvvvee the color of)

i went out to 4 places to copy photos and found that walmat wouldn't let me copy them (from 1933 of my aunt. i told the photo guy the photographer was proably over 100 and gone but, still he said no). next it was off to a nearby cvs who's machine was haveing problems. so back in the car to the brand new cvs down the street also told no. agghhh finally onto walgreens who told me she had shut down the photo machines early since it was slow. again aggghhhh.
i don't know if it was because i was a woman or if it was my slightly shaken confidence that caused the lack of confidece. also i noticed that it seamed that there was less attention given when needed as i attempted to scan these old photos.

but i have become so confident that i even nicely argued the point as diana that i wasn't selling the copies of the 75 year old photos but rather making a copy before sending them to a muesum that we had donated other items to of my aunt.

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