Tuesday, June 3, 2008

june 3,2008

i recently found out that our local glbt group in planifield nj is not going to run it's anual pride film fest . that's a bummer!  as that is usually 5 days in a row that i can have a place to get dressed and go as diana agggghhhh! oh well....

anyway i finally got a couple of hours to get dressed ad go shopping.  yeaaaa!
since it is warm out i chose a pink "T" shirt and white jeans skirt and white sandels.
i had forgotten to pack my peds so i had to go bare footed in my sandels.
i had stopped for lunch at subway and then went to sears to check aut a smaller night gown (these must be oversize since i take a 1x but i somehow needed a large or xl) while i was there i found they stock toeless peds these are way cool since i can show off my painted toenails yea!
next onto show off my outfit to the post office lady and the thrift store lady (owns second time around a nice shop in my downtown shopping area) next onto ellagence thrift store (the lupos foundation) ,dsw shoes and finaly to petsmart to get pondfish to stock my waterfall and fountian ponds (great mesoqueto control our unoficial nj state insect LOL) but when i walked in i saw the regular fish guy was on whom i know so i wimped ot and when out and changed and came back. oh well...
the interesting thing is i stopped to talk with a antiqe corvette owner while in the car yet as he leaned on the car and looked in i know he saw the white sandels (i quick covered up the pink shirt LOL) i wounder what he thought giggle giggle LOL

anyway it was fun doing my regular errends as diana.

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