Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16, 2008

the interesting thing on my last entry is that the next day i had to return the restroom key to the sub shop i had inadvertently left with so i was chating with the owner and explained my to self to the owner whom i know. he said" my worker recognized you from your smile as your otherself but the other one , his niece, didn't" he had no problem after i showed him photos of diana at mcdonalds! and we figured it was really because i allways order the same type of sub sanwich at subway and sit in the same place that gave it away LOL ohh well....

on other notes i should have a bit more diana time since the closing sale of my dieciesed aunts house on wed. has finally gone through (after a delay eith the buyers , buyers buyer! who forgot to sign some paper last week sorry i think you have to be blond to follow that giggle giggle) the owner in her late 50's moved from a retirement village as she doesn't like all the restrictions and looovvves my aunts house which makes me feel great!

in the mean time i have moved my spoke wheeled 1967 MG Midget from my aunts house storage to a mechanic to "wake it up" he has worked on my mg when i can't since i bought it in 1974 . unfortunatly the body is worn out so now i begin looking for a good original replacement as this is the ideal year with roll up windows , folding top and the largest engine without polution control. although i have personally restored several 1920's cars myself including welding and paint i have never restored a unibody and i am squimish about that so i fear i must bid adu to my original little midget. this has left me on the horns of a delema as i would like to salvage the original but some of the bulk heads have rotted or move the mechinacals to another better body tub or to replace the car. there where many made and one needs to be about my size 5'7" 165 lbs to fit a midget so although many people look to buy them they end up not after trying to get out of one. if anyone knows of one available please let me know.
anyway thank you for letting me ramble a bit and "think out loud" giggle giggle
ooooh this is to much thinking for my blond brain. giggle giggle


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