Saturday, May 3, 2008

March 3, 2008

well today was another first in that i wore womans slax as diana for the first time!
it was damp and chilly out so although i had panty hose on i decided to give it a try.

so along with my teal stripe shirt blouse (you can't see they are stripes in the photos it sort of looks like a lightening bolt pattern tee heee) and my diana hair along with my black pumps and black leather blazer i decided to do my sat. errends. first to the post office where on worker knows both selves so i show off my outfits during my visit. (this photo is in the postal "store" in my town )
next to the thrift store in the next town.
on the return trip i stopped at lord and taylor for more "take the day off" by clinique the purple bottle. this is wounderfull stuff as make up remover goes. i also picked up a very light eyebrow pencil.
then a stop at my usual subway sub shop where the staff didn't know me and didn't bat an eye. then over to the tailor's for my alterations and drycleaning.
next to sears to return some panties that weren't right (these had a seam that was to high and rough which made for an uncomfortable tush) while there i bought a couple nylon night gowns with cap sleave and finally over to k mart to compare and try on bike type shorts to see if i had bought the right size yesterday also a dish pan to wash my diana hair in which should be easier than running it ounder water. i also want to try out the wig shampoo. while there i found 2 pairs of tan slax that fit and were on sale so natuarlly i had to buy them. as you know anything i like will dissapear. eather some one buys the only one left by the time i return or.... the company some how finds out that i like their product so they eather discontinue it or change it so i can't use it. LOL

anyway now i'll need a day to rest up as all that shopping and thinking giggle giggle (rememer i'm blond) exsausted me.


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