Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30, 2008

hi everyone

i finally got chance to get dressed and go shopping only for an hour.
actually earlyer in the day as my othere self i got brave and didn't use a sweater vest over my reverse button womans teal stripe cotton shirt/ blouse with blue slax reverse fly and womans flats. the only thing missing was my hair. as i have even found a pale pink lipstick and had done both my toe nails and finger nails in pale pink yesterday morning. ahhhhh it makes me feel soooo wounderful.  i have come to grips with keeping them rounded to about 3/16" which seems to work for both selves. essspeciallly since gg's seem to be keeping their nails shorter with the tight economy.

later when changing into diana wear i decided to be creative and use the same shirt blouse with my grean skirt and black leather blazer and the same black flats. sorry no photo it was last minuet as usual. but it looked great.

meanwhile since i only had an hour to go shopping i have wanted to check out the store called "Avenue"
i just want to say what a great experiance i had at avenue clothing store yesterday!
not only were they courtious and friendly (sort of like shopping with one of your girlfriends giggle giggle)  but they have larger sizes of shoes up through get this... i think size 13!
unfortuniatly the cute strapy pale pink one's i loved were't in half sizes or rather they were out of all half sizes in that model (even on line but you can return mail order to the local store instead of ahipping) but the interesting thing is that they are all in wide withs so a 10 was to wide for me when i usually take a 10 - 1/2 wide or 11 but here i needed a 9-1/2 wow makes a girl feel beautiful.
they stock dress sizes 14 and up

then i popped next door to five guys hambergers to say hi to the assist manager whom i had mentined and shown diana photos to the day before. she was sooo cool about it that she said she might have extra new shoes she might give me . unfrotuniatly she was off.

like chocolet i never seem to get enough time as diana i allways want more. giggle giggle


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