Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 22, 2008

this week has been crazy we had the town home inspector return to my aunts house. i couldn't sleep all night on sunday night . i couldn't go through this all the time with these power trip inspectors. it takes to much out of me physically. today i needed to sleep in to recharge from " the fear of the inspector" strain on my body.
but we passed obtaining the need certificate of occupancy so that is good.

today i had my mg midget sports car flat beded to a great sports car mechanic i have used over the passed 20 years but i am afraid the damp garage has taken it's toll on the poor car. so i will probably look for a better bodied one in the future.

the house buyers lawyer is behind on his paper work and soooo the closing will be maybe next week. aggghhhh.
the buyer is chafing at the bit to get in and our lawyer is ready so we await her lawyer....

hence no Diana time this week accept for sleep time also with the warm weather woman's wear gets harder to hide oh well.

anyway that's all for now

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