Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23, 2008

my dear friends
well it finally happened i walked into the food store as my other self and bumped into a friend of mine from the car hobby in town who didn't know of diana.
he asks " one of the students of his son in law saw me as diana going into walmart recognized by my car (i drive a plain jane buick but with themed license plates that are common) and that his student asked the son in law and he asked the father in law .... if i was dressed differently.... and although i hesatated i just answered yes and explained that i am transgendered (we fully understood each other between the lines though upon answering). he said he didn't care as he had a close friend that is gay since high school (even though i said i am not gay) but he did mention that his wife and or daughter thought that there was something different about me..... and now it makes me wounder just how many people have surmised locally and profesionaly. 

luckly i am not currently working as a teacher although most of my work is related to several schools. aggghhhhhh oh well i can't change it. the pandora's box and "can of praverbial worms" have been opened with no way of putting it back into the box. bo hoo

luckly i had kept a log last year and have reallized that it is not pratical to dress more that 5-9 times a month so this year i have decided to dress as diana when i can but not push myself more than 5 days a month as it takes to much energy to do so. it takes a lot of energy to remain beautiful for 4-8 hours at a time LOL as well as a lot of energy swithcing back and forth.

first there is allways being observant with who notices you. then there is the time it takes to do even simple make up . the time it takes to change even if you could find that "phone booth" like superman giggle giggle. then there is being carefull not to rub or wash your face once the makeup is applyed. also remembering you have a wig and not a hat on so as not to remove it upon entering a building. then there is being carefull not to damage your panty hose or stockings, make sure you have transfered your keys and wallet to your purse, and remembering to install your upper body inserts.
now when you change back remembering to remove most of the make up and remembering to fully remove the make up before bed, removing the jewelery, find another phone booth giggle giggle ect.
whew it exsausts me just thinking about it. giggle giggle ... it's to much thinking for my blond brain.
later that evening after the "question" i just wanted to revert back and stop being diana but i know that is not possable eather.
soooo my question is how would you have handled it? (remember my dad still has to live in this small town)

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