Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14, 2008

i had sometihing interesting happen the other day. i had ordered small boxes of tea for my customers for christmas at a local food store while presenting as diana. several days later the manager called to say they were in . i had warned him my answering machine tape has "*" (male name) on it. then i realized i need to again present as diana before i went to pick it up or.... they might not hand me the carton of tea boxes i ordered. LOL
this is sort of like reverse cding giggle giggle!
it is also interesting to note that there are some people out in the public that i have only met as diana and don't know me as my other self. giggle giggle, confused? if so i think it is just a blond monment affecting everyone around me giggle giggle.
for someone who swears she is not transitioning i certianly seem to be dressing more and more (aside from sleeping as diana in a satin nightgown) and allthough about 50 days of the year may not seem like much it is up a few day from 3 years ago and it doesn't include the days i dress in fem slax, shirt and light makeup including light eyeliner and very pale libstick as my otherself.

here it is almost christmas and another month has passed.
i have gotten out several times since thanksgiving to go shopping but haven't had the time for a blog entry.

hope all are well and busy helping keep the economy going by geting out there and shopping even if only window shopping of getting a few thing s at the thrift and conseignment shops.


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