Thursday, August 6, 2009

aug 6 2009, pool distroyed by racoon & good fish pond upset too but we caught him!

ets see how my day started today
i awoke to find that a raccoon had decided to see what  the inside of my little pool looked like... upon doing so  he left 2 sets of claw marks on the top edge of the pool, which on my little quick set type pool is where the upper air ring of the pool is. when the ring is deflated all the water runs out of the pool! :-(  gerrrrr , needless to say i was not to happy to find this mess to deal with this morning!

and of course he didn't stop there he decided to wander down to my gold fish pond to create some more havoc there (even with the chicken wire and boards over it). now you have to understand there are easier yards to wander through since i have a 4 foot chain link fence all around mine. but the gold fish pond would be his undoing since i had a trap set with the one think he couldn't resist .... sardines. needless to say i caught him and animal control came and took him away! this is the 3rd one i have caught this summer terrorizing my good fish.  at the beginning of the season the first one actually ate one and a half gold fish and left the rest out on the ground along with a artificial water lilly  next to them! now you may say "poor racoon he has rights too"  well so do my gold fish . they have a right to live too!

in inspecting the damage to my little 3 foot pool i realized it wouldn't be feasible to repair the air chamber portion of the pool . besides i have had it about 5 years having bought it on sale at the a&p food store .  so next i called around to replace it and found Lesley pools had a slightly larger diameter but still 3 foot one in stock. this cost about 140.00 but came with a larger filter than the first one (which i had replaced with a larger used one some one gave me last year) so that will be this weekends project to reassemble my little pool.

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