Friday, October 9, 2009

October 9, 2009 - Friday narrowly avoided neighbors at local coffee shop

well here is an interesting situation.

a summer outfit

i went to the local coffee shop for a very late lunch (6pm) or rather a very early dinner. i was starved having missed lunch. (the above photo is what basically what i was wearing only with tan sandals and a white cami instead of pink.) i usually position myself in such situations to keep an eye somewhat on the door for anyone i know who doesn't already know me as both selves or at least diana. as i neared the end of my meal (after sharing diana photos with the waitress who know both selves) in walks my business neighbor and his wife.  aggghhhh panic sets in. i quickly hale the waitress and explain that this neighbor doesn't know about diana so she blocks their view as i pay the bill and zoom out the back door where i was thankfully parked for a change. whew.

next day i went back and tipped her 5.00 more. she says "relax even i didn't know you weren't a genetic gal i actually asked the other waitress who was waiting on the woman in that section. 
the hardest thing is not to panic in such situations. so that you "don't blow your cover"
and since i always want to "make things right" i always forget that ie. in this situation even the waitress who knew me didn't recognize me so  why should the neighbor. if i had panicked it would have "blown the cover" and made it worse this way it sort of "flew under the radar without detection. but it is really really hard to stay calm and collected.

anyway i still needed to go the the a&p 2 towns away for the fish i wanted ( i still won't go into my next town a&p dressed!) which i did and then mcdonalds for ice cream take out.

there was a time i would have run home with my "tail between my legs" but not these days, i just move on to the next errand on the list.
so you can see even with all the time i spend dressed blending in with the gg's out and about in the world doing errands and lunch i still occasionally have "those moments".


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