Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25, 2009 - Sunday attending Diginity -Metro's 35th year mass and wine and cheese party

while i have gotten out and about 12 times this month today was special as i got to go to the dignity -metro's 35th anniversary church service.

St Georges

for those of you who don't know about dignity it is a GLBT catholic church service. due to the hierarchy's views with in the church on the GLBT they meet in rented space in an Episcopal church. other groups meet in other rented space be it the friends meeting houses or the unitarian churches.

although i have attend their events or masses before, this one was held in the main church itself instead of a side meeting room. so this was a first to attend a mass in the main church building itself. so today was a special day for me as diana as well as dignity -metro.

since it was a beautiful fall day in nj i chose to wear my black floral skirt (no pantyhose), pink 3/4 sleeve shirt, brown wedges and tan mesh purse. carrying my black leather jacket for latter in the evening.

the mass it self was special in that each person brought a flower to the service which during the mass were brought up by that person to form a full bouquet.

flower bouquet & inside st George's at dignity mass

this represented how each of us contribute to the world around us to form the bouquet of life.

flower bouquet at dignity mass

we had a deacon from st Georges where we meet give the homily which sort of ties into the sermon. as she described herself she is an African American, also a woman who is a lesbian so she understands the challenges of the glbt community. she read an excerpt from a bishops' (who is rather outspoken) letter who said he is no longer going to be part of the discrimination toward the glbt. he will no longer be part of the rhetoric or hypocrisy of those who claim to be doing gods work yet discriminate by misquoting and hiding behind the bible.
as she said " it is not those people or them" because we the world are "them" so the discrimination of "them " is actually "us".

after wards there was a wine and cheese party as well as a collection of food and clothes for the needy.

me Diana at dignity anniversary mass

me diana also at dignity anniversary mass

as i sat around a table i meet a couple (man and woman) who it turned out to be the PARENTS of a young man who just graduated from college as an arts major who is gay. i was sooooo impressed with how supportive of him they were. and i don't know if he fully realizes yet just how lucky he is to have such caring parents who were attending a GLBT event because of their love of him.

he is also lucky in that it is a newer more accepting era. i don't think i could have been THAT open with my parents back 30 years ago . even with the loving and supportive parents i have (i told mom the year before she passed) it was only 4 years ago (when i first started going to the dignity group ) that i discussed it with my parents. so times have changed a bit. i was lucky in that she said "so we still love you" (although dad is kind and loving he is more "don't ask don't tell")

so all in all it was a nice day!


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