Friday, November 20, 2009

Nov. 20th 2009 - where to donate gently used wigs

where to donate gentely used or new wigs today i thought i'd put a plug in for a worthy group.

how many of you reading this (especially my friends in the transgendered groups) have bought wigs over the years and after you got it home and used it once found that it really wasn't just right for you.

as i looked accross some wigs i had bought awhile ago and had only used once or twice ( since i didn't like the style or coloration) i was getting ready to clean hose and toss them out. then  i remembered seeing a request for such items from the american cancer society.
so i called them via the "look good feel good program at 800 395 5665
they can connect you with your local group who will tell you where you can ship them or drop them off locally. obviously they only want still usable, gently worn or new wigs.

the new jersey location is 767  northfield Ave. W. Orange, NJ 07052

here they can refurbish them so they can be given  to woman  patients recovering or  undergoing treatments.

on a side note i read recently in a nursing journal the meaning of the word patient which means "sufferer".

i felt this to be such a worthy use that i felt compelled to comment on it here. this is so much better than throwing out a perfectly good wig just because we can't return it or don't need it.

hugs Diana

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