Thursday, November 26, 2009

nov. 26th 2009, happy Thanksgiving and comming out to my aunt 2 weeks ago

i just wanted to wish all of my friends (especially in the usa) a happy Thanksgiving!

i spent Thanksgiving with my family(as my other self). my aunt and dad joined me  in going to a restaurant in somerset nj called O'Connor's. this is a wonderful restaurant in a 1790's farm house with it's original barns. the weather was beautiful almost Easter like. it sort of made it like goin' to grandma's house only on a larger scale. the manager told me they usually cook 200 turkeys which comes to about 500 lbs of turkey!

this was also special in that 2-3 weeks ago i shared my being transgendered with this favorite aunt. first i asked her if she still loved me ether way and she said yes! then i asked her if she would like to see some photos of me as diana ( i assured her they were not risque). she looked at the photos of me as diana and just said wow quite a difference!

so after the restaurant we returned to her home where after some desert we started talking about nails and nail polish ( which we have discussed over the last several years before i came out to her). the topic turned to rough fingers and how to put on panty-hose with out ruining them. she told me she uses gloves and i told her about the mesh gloves from Victorian trading post that i use.
it was so nice to be able to openly discuss such topics with her with out covering and masking the topic. it made me feel like we were just 2 woman discussing secrets over coffee. ( my dad by this time had moved into the living room for a nap LOL) my aunt and i had slipped so easily into the topic that i think it even surprised her somewhat. LOL

once again i hope you all had a happy thanksgiving

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