Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dec 13th 2009 - checked out getting ears pierced

 checked out getting ears pierced last week i went to the mall in male mode to ask about getting my ears pierced ( i had already talked to my ear Dr. about doing this also in male mode in case i got in trouble)

i went to the Clairs store as one of "the girls " recommended it.

i found it takes 4-6 weeks to heal (or it can close up in 5 min they said) leaving in the same earring. they you can change them but noooo danglers for a year. waaaaaah

but the clerk was very understanding and looked at the diana photos with out batting an eye. it turns out she has all sorts of piercings on her so she knew her stuff.

she also showed me some magnet earrings which look pierced. i bought 2 sets of stud looking  earrings with the magnets about 7.00 a set.
i told her i felt like a kid in a candy shop. *giggle giggle*
she said this is a common feeling in their store LOL
she was soooo cool to talk with.

the irony is that the manager said she had told her son in hs he couldn't get his ears pierced even though the entire football team had them done. she told he he could have magnets though!

when i got to the car i put on one of the magnet sets and after a guick supergirl change 
felt very pretty.
the magnet stayed very well but.... it they get away from you  look out as they wonder away from were they drop to find some metal surface to attach themselves to. LOL

i think at some point in the future i will get them pierced. we will see which self wins out. usually it is diana and she wants them pierced!!!
but i have to take others in my life into consideration suh as residing with dad,  the looks from customers since  remember they can't come out for 6 weeks.
my original thought was to get them pierced and then remove the earing for short periods during the healing process. oh well .... the best laid plans. LOL

meanwhile i have have the sniffles (a cold) , and cracked both thumb nails *sniff*

this is frustrating as it took me since july to get them to grow just over a 1/4" of an inch actually 5/16" to be exact and my goal was 1/2"

first i tried to salvage them by using a silk wrap but  that only last a day before catching on something. and since i could see it starting to give, i decided it was time to cut them *sniff*  so for now there goes my pretty and long nails
the sad thing is that in july they were growing nicely at 1/4" and in a moment of insanity over an incident involving a ts gal who doesn't care about her appearance ( i always get depressed after talking with her as i always come away feeling ugly after interacting with her no mater how good i felt before talking with her. i always come away depressed  agggghhhh  and this time in july it caused me to cut my nails)

any way got to get back to christmas shopping
hugs to all

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