Friday, December 25, 2009

Dec. 25th 2009 - Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone! i just want to wish every one a Merry Christmas!

i am actually writing this on sunday dec. 27th as i haven't had the chance even to check reg e mail since the 20th as i have spent the last week dropping off little gifts of tea and my company calenders to the maintenance workers secretaries and customers  in the buildings where the customers are.
i learned along time ago that that one needs to show appreciation to the maintenance workers and secretarial staff as they remain even though the boss management changes.
these are the people  that make sure my purches orders get the proper attention and cheerfully unlock the doors the the rooms where my repair work awaits me.
and although 30 buildings may not seem like alot during this time we had a, unusual for dec. in nj, major snow storm along with a previous week of rain and high winds. so it slowed my progress.

my friends must now hate me as for the first time in many years the christmas cards were all written out and mailed by the day after thansgiving! NEVER am i this early. usually i write them just between xmas and new years LOL.  of course my famialy usually has theirs done by the second week of dec. LOL. but then again the only time i was on time for anything was literally the day i was born (at 7pm - explains why i am up so late writing this LOL)

anyway with all this i found time to dress and shop as diana. even went to toys r us for a guitar for a gift for the salvation army giving tree. this young lady wanted a pink guitar and even though at work i deal with that company, they were out of stock so i had to go to a kids toy store to by it. and guess what.... they had one in stock ! yea . like it was ment for me to buy it. when i noticed the box had been opened and explained the reason for the gift they offered a 10% discount. so i went back to buy the other gft the girl wanted. then i went back home and dug out a spare set of strings and a tuner, wrapped both gifts to take back to the a&p - salvation army giving tree drop off point.
while i was at the store i started a conversation (as diana) with a lady and her teen son he was verrrry bored which saddened me when i found out she was shopping for a the family they had adopted this season to gifts to.  she was very nice and so it was sad that here son had missed the point of the season  while he stood there whining.

so you think its easy finding a phone booth to do the super girl change while it is 25 degrees out with 30mph winds. LOL  for the first time i needed boots , tights ( instead of pantyhose) long wool skirt sweater and a long dress coat this early actually even before winter starrted almost since thanksgiving. most gg's don't wear this heavy of clothing till mid january in nj. but almost all the gg's i noticed were wearing tights and boots early on this year.  so no on e got to see my pretty festive red toenails this dec. LOL in fact it was soooo cold that even with the electric blanket i finally gave in and went for flannel  pajamas :-( instead of the flannel lined satin nightgowns i usually wear in nj winters.  at least it has warmed up to a balmy 35- 40ish and the winds have stopped so i have been able to return to the nightgown and satin sheets. ( i had even given in and went back to floral cotton sheets due to the cold)

anyway hope everyone had a nice christmas!

hugs to all

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