Friday, January 1, 2010

january 1, 2010 - happy new year! and the year in retrospect.

Happy New Year and the year in retrospect i want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! in looking back over this year my goal had been to increase the time going out dressed as Diana from 5 days a month (61 days for the year which was up from 4 days a month last year), to double that time (8 days per month = a quarter of the time ). well, i surpassed that by getting out as diana 12-13 days a month or 1/3rd to almost half the time dressed as diana. this included going to the beach several times. that doesn't include sleeping as diana in pretty satin nightgowns which has been about 99.9% of the time. heck i even managed to sing keroeky at georgies in asbury as diana this year. i even got to meet one of the new england girls for coffee. Suzanne is even a prettier dresser than me. this was a first as i had wanted to meet some of the ladies i have corresponded with. it's ironic in that although i have said that i am not transitioning, i am feeling the need to dress more and more as diana. but then again i think they entire world is still constantly evolving whether it wants to admit it or not. hugs to all Diana

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