Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010 -told one of my neighbors about me being transgendered

told one of my neighbors about me being transgendered another first . this time a biggie! yesterday i told one of my neighbors about being transgendered. 
it went something like this:

neighbor :  so whats up with the ear piercings?

me: i just wanted to do it!

neighbor: just looks questioningly at me

me: that and.... another reason .... but maybe it is to much info for you
( i already have been told this summer that he found out a former roommate transitioned so i thought he might have known about diana especially since he is in the physiology field!) but if you don't mind i am non transitioning transgendered.

neighbor: *blink blink*  really?
i kind of wondered with the nice nails though.
but as i told you a former room mate-tenant contacted me who had transitioned, and i never suspected.
anyway i have no problem with it. but wow.

me: please don't discuss this with the rest of the neighbors at this point.
would you like to seee some photos of me. *showed the photo from the glbt-dignity 35 anniversary mass*

neighbor: Wow quite a different look from the male self. but very nice! very professional!

anyway it went much better with this neighbor than i thought! although i am guessing that the rest of the neighborhood allready suspects. anyway fir the sake of my dad i am still trying to keep a low profile about this.
meanwhile this month i have managed to dress and go out as diana 14 times already! yeaaaa!


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