Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan. 6,2010 - Big news i finally got my ears pierced! - jan 6th, 2010

big news i finally got my ears pierced ! whoo hoo! i finally took the plunge and got my ears pierced!

i took the advice of so many of the girls and gg's i know and went to Clairs in the bridgewater, NJ mall.
the sales clerk had been  very friendly to me last week when i went there  as my other self. she was very knowledgeable in that she told me she had had everything pierced. so she had first hand knowledge. she was very patient with all my questions. and even sold me a set of magnetic earrings. which look great but become an annoyance when you drop one as it doesn't always end up where you dropped due to the magnet. usually you find it later attached to some mettle object usually in the car.
so when i went in this week as diana ( i had showed her photos of diana last week) she was pleasantly surprised that i was still thinking of getting my ears pierced. we talked some more of the different  styles available for the piercing. i chose a set that would't be as noticeable in color. ( as a half way measure to my other selfs' stogy immage LOL)
a birthstone from i think nov. kind of a yellowish-pinkish stone. in a small 3mm size.
as soon as she was done i looked in the mirror and i immediately looved the look!  

believe it or not i went from there to a womans swim apparel shop feeling verry gg! and on my way out of the mall i admired a gg's plad skirt and we stood their chatting like to girlfriends about how due to the weather this year everyone was wearing opique tights along with boots but she mentioned that she was finally getting adjusted to the 23 degree weather and had gone back to a shorter coat. the interesting thing was that she looked somewhat like a slightly smaller/shorter version of me!
to say i felt giddy would be an understatement.

hugs to all

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