Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010 - coffee with my boston friend Suzanne

coffee with my boston friend Suzanne
well on a better note than Mondays' confusion i have once again had the privilege of having coffee with my friend Suzanne.

she was back on a project for her company.

she is gorgeous and so easy to chat with. 2 hours went like 5 min chatting with her. she looks more gg than some of the gg's do!
as you may remember in one of my nov. 2009 blog entry when she came for a work visit last fall. i mentioned that we share some of the same interests like sports cars. heck both of our sports cars are red convertibles!
once again we went to Hoolihans restaurant.

meeting suzi for coffee.

she arrived ahead of me and was waiting outside sitting on one of the benches.
later she informed me that a gentleman had said hello and mentined a nice comment to her. (no wonder she is sooooo cute that if i didn't already know her i'd have tried to chat with her!)

sisters at Houlihan's resterant

suzi had worn her new Babe dress. no wonder she fell in love with it and HAD to have it!

once again the waitress was verrrry gracious so once again we tipped generously.

ironically we had both had traffic delays getting there. so even though i had already had dinner i was now starved. so i ended up ordering a mini burger. followed by a brownie sunday. yum yum! (remember all the calories leak out when you cut it in half LOL and chocolete is a good substitute for other colorful vegetables like broccolie LOL   hay stop that laughing i can hear you through the computer LOL i still believe in santa, the easter bunny and the tooth fairy )
suzanne had a creme-brulay.

as usual the time went waaaaay to fast.

we both had a great time!

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