Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17,12010 - another clothing first

another clothing first
another first for the first time ever as ether self i bought a set of jeans.
sorry no photos this time though!
now you see i never liked the constricting feeling i got from the stiffness of jeans but this pair is diff as it has some lycra in them and they move like leggins but not so skin tight!
with the drizzle and cooler mid 40's temp it was a jeans kind of day!
but in the past i haven't been able to pull the look off in pants.
but i found one needs a girly shirt and some cute jewelery to get in girly mode! *giggle giggle*

i paired them with a gray hoodie but then the delema began. what shirt to wear... himmm not the white "V" neck "T" with the lace, not the white tennis shirt, too cool and rainny for the pink cami, himmmmm what to wear.
well after 30 mins of trial and era i settled for a med blue lace trimmed "V" neck "T" along with white sneakers and no show white socks.  but still a delema it still needed something accessory wise like a belt as the "T" wasn't ling enough to wear over the jeans. well aftdr another 10 mins of thought i gave up and went with out a belt.

first stop to drop off some bakery ruggla pastry from the swiss pastry shop (wonderfull baked goods as the owner is a master pastry chef) to the coffee shop owner for fising me takeout last evening just when he was closing this is a wonderfull shop called rise and shine. about 2 blocks from rt 22 near the plainfield/watchung area.

next on to look twice consignment for a belt. didn't find one.
then to pick up a gift i had ordered for my aunts birthday at the gold star store in plainfield.
the owner is wonderfull. she and her husband sell for a lot lower than the usuall markup of gold. Ie. i bought a set of 14K post earings with made made stones for 12.00 ea one in blue safire and the other day one in a pale pink color.
after several trips there i have since shared that i am trans with the wife and she was very suprised.
this really made my day.

from there i needed to get something to eat so it was off to wendys for a salad, and small burger and some tea.
so in spite of the weather it was a good day and another first!


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