Monday, May 3, 2010

may 3, 2010 - woops bumped into a busness neighbor...

woops bumped into a busness neighbor...
well it happened again.
i have been trying to get to the rubiana beauty supply on a monday for several weeks.

 i was told by one of the workers who usually styles my wigs, that a new person now worked on mondays only and knew all about the newer lace front wigs.

i had seen a gg wearing one of these and they really look as if hair is growing out of your head.
now the bad news they didn't have any with bangs and since i have the high forehead of a leo i needed bangs. aggghhh
ok now it gets worse i explain to the clerk that i am transgendered but  non-transitioning and she says..... well...... i wasn't going to say anything but you must recognize me
i say no
she says " i am your business neighbor who owns the beauty shop near you!" agggghhhh
now you must understand at one time there was a transitioning transgendered person that lived above her shop  who  unfortunately had a rather strange attitude.
i had tried to chat with her at one point to be kind of friendly and she acted like i hadn't said anything giving me the brush off. she has since moved out.
the comment  the beauty shop owner had said at that time was that since she (the beautician) was a christian  she felt that the transgendered tenant  would have to face god  (she obviously didn't approve of her).
but then again we think the tenent trans person was also doing  a few things out in the parking lot that shouldn't be done in public....

but the beautician said to me after i informed her i wasn't gay "that she was not here to judge she was here to sell wigs" and that we will all have to deal with god some day.

by the end of our conversation i think she had softened toward my being transgendered especially since she knew i had taken care of both my mother and aunt. and i was not just "one of those people" i was a neighbor she knew and had formed a re-pore with. even though we don't get that much time to chat.
i did remind her of the parable of Jesus and the scarlet woman in the square where no one was free of their own skeletons  hence no one accept jesus was fit to stone her hence they all left her alone and he sent her on her way.
i also reminded her that being transgendered does not make one mean nor does it make one nice as we are whom we are deep down . being transgendered is just another element of who we  are. as in literally different clothes!

well it turned out well, phew! but having known her philosophy didn't help.

ahhhh just another day in the life of Diana LOL


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