Tuesday, May 4, 2010

may 4, 2010 - nail art

nail art
just thought i'd share my nail art with everyone.

my nail art

i went to the beauty supply 2 weeks ago and bought the nail art paint and the brush set which includes a steel ball end. the brush set has 5 diff brush styles including a longer finer striping brush and a angled brush.
i also bought the brush cleaner.
well from having been involved with the restoration of cars and having found out the hard way that extra lacquer paint can't be put into a plastic specimen jar (it the lacquer base paint sort of melted the plastic jar LOL) you'd think i'd know better than to put the brush cleaner into a plastic cup. well you guessed it it melted the cup agggghh on top of my desk in my bedroom agghhhhhh
anyway so far i hae come upon the conclusion that nail polish remover is basicly the same stuff and at least i know what that stuff is.
so i went to the craft store and bought a small glass candle base (sort of looks like a shot glass) which i pour a few drops of nail polish remover in  to clean the brushes with.

so the nail art is on top of a clear base coat 2 coats of light pink and a coat of clear. next comes the nail art and finally another clear coat.

it is easy to hold the brushes in your dominant hand but a challenge in the opposing hand.

i have found the best way to use the nail art paint is to drop a few drops of the color you are using onto a small note pad and this becomes your palit.

in the photo the flower petals were done using dots of paint from the steel ball end on the butt end of one of the brushes

i used a diff color  for the center of each wildflower and finely the long brush for the green stems of the flowers.


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