Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20,2010 - interesting conversation in the local jewelery st

interesting conversation in the local jewelery store
interestingly enough i have been searching for pink safire dangley hart shaped earrings. but the catch is i want them with a post connecting them to the hart not a fish hook.

soooo i stopped in a somewhat new local chain jewelery store.
i ended up chatting with the manager.

he says "may i help you mam"?

i say " yes i am looking for hart shaped safire dangley post type earrings.

unfortunately they didn't have them  but it turns out his wife and he had just moved here to open up this new branch. so now we end up in in entire conversation about the area. he was from down south

so he asks " may i ask if you are from NJ?"

and i say "not a problem. yes i was born and raised several blocks from the store"

he says " wow what a pleasant surprise to find a well spoken local that is personable and polite" LOL

i said " well i believe most of the native new jerseyians are really quite friendly , speak well, and are polite... unfortunately since we are soooo close to the big city that we get many transplants who are still on the fast pace mode which makes them appear rude LOL"

 he said "you must be a professional probably a teacher"  and all i did was  *blush* and said "yes i formally taught"
in the mean while i shared a verbal travel log about some of the nicest sites and lesser known spots to check out including my beloved ocean grove.

he said " thank you for the info and nice conversation and please feel free to stop by any time"!

although i still don't think he knew that i am a transgendered person it goes to show that if one tries to blend into the world around them.... they will be welcome just about anywhere.

the rest of the afternoon was uneventful. i went back to rubyana beauty supply to catch up with my friend the stylist to trim the new wig (same as current style) i had bought there the previous week when she was off.
 while she adjusted the fit of the wig we got caught up on the news . she makes me feel as if i am going to a regular beauty salon *giggle giggle* * blush*

finally i stopped at walmart to show off the sweater i was wearing to one of the workers who had told me it was on the clearance rack for $5.00. wooo hoooo what a bargan! unfortunately she was off. oh well it was time to find a phone booth (not many around these days in the north east LOL) to change from "superwoman" back into my mild mannered other self and head home for dinner. LOL


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