Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sept. 22, 2010 - Diana meets Jennifer for girls day out.

Diana meets Jennifer for girls day out.
i am writting this a day later since it has been abusy week.

today i got to get together with Jenny for girls day out.

first off she is a bit taller than her blog photos ( but then again aren't we all *giggle giggle*)

since she was going to Lady Ellens for an afternoon  make -over we agreed to meet there.

the next priority was Lunch so we headed off to Rise and shine coffee shop for a very late afternoon lunch .
since i frequent this coffee shop as diana i am known by the staff so we got great service.

on our way we stopped at Rubana beauty supply on RT 22  watchung nj to meet my friend Sandra who works there. Sandra is a former cosmetologist so she really knows makeup and wigs and such.
aftr lunch is was time for a little shopping so off to the Unique thrift store. jen was like a kid turned loose in a candy shop. she went in looking for a winter coat and came out with 2-3 skirts.

from there since it was getting late in the day it was time for a coffee break at panera breads also on rt 22 watchug  nj.

by the time we finished our coffee and chatting about the days events it was almost 9pm. and although Jen didn't want the day to end she still had more than a 1-1/2 have hour ride back to the philly area.  so i drove her back to Lady Ellens where her car was parked and we said our goodbys and off we road our seperate ways into the twilight.


ps jen said she was really tired but happy the next day!

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