Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept. 30, 2010 - the milestone! also back to the beach.

the milestone! also back to the beach.
well yesterday marked a milestone as it was the 180th day i went out this year as diana or rather it marks my going out dressed as diana 1/2 the days of the year.  this is the most i have ever gone out as diana in one year! yeaaaa! it has been a squeeze some months to squeeze in aprox. 19-20 days most months.
but my goal is still to make it to 3/4 days  this year so i'll keep everyone posted.
 and there were still a few more "first " as diana like the pool in the next town.

anyway today i returned to the beach at the south end of ocean grove.

and although it was late in the day (almost 4 :30) there was enough daylight left to put my feet in the water. it (the water) was surprisingly warm but if i went all the way in ... then due to the late hour in the day and season i might not have a place to change if the restrooms closed up early for the day. so i only went in to my ankles.
next i ate my now very late lunch (a sandwich)  and looked out over the water as the sun started to set over the land.

 after changing i ended up in conversation with a GG who informed me she had been an english teacher before she retired and asked about the slight hoarseness in my voice. i replied that i was just getting over a cold ( i actually was getting over a sinus infection from the previous week). the irony was she must have really thought i was a gg since she mentioned that she was looking that evening at an apartment to rent and if i ever needed a place to stay.... i didn't have the heart to tell here i was transgendered.

Next i  stopped to visit with a former neighbor friend in town. ( he has seen me on previous visits as diana) he now has a beautiful little cottage he bought right after his partner passed on.
since it was now a little after 10 pm  it was off to get a late dinner at clancy's resturant/bar

i had called my new friend Elizabeth earlier to see if she and her friends were going to Georgies. she called back and said they would look for me.
by the time i arrived it was about 11:20. the 4 of us sat chatting while listening to the koeroky music as they had allready sung 2 numbers as a group. the time passed quickly and since still had an hours ride home i said my goodbys about 12:45 and headed for the parkway stopping at the rt33/rt35 McDonalds for a coffee via the drive through.
unfortunately by the time i got home the coffee had really taken hold and i couldn't sleep the rest of the night.
lucky i am self employed and could sleep in as i didn't get to sleep till 5 am LOL.


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