Sunday, March 17, 2013

st patricks day sunday march 17th, 2013

thought you'd like to see a photo of a lass ( me) in a green sweater on st patricks day.

i had gone to the dignity church service (a GLBT catholic group that rents a non catholic church to hold a mass) and on the way home i stopped at rise and shine a local diner for a corn beef dinner for my dad. Z( even though dad is german LOL) ironicaly even though i am 1/2 irish or truly 1/4 i am not a big fan of corn beef since if it is not cut right and thin enough many times it tasts like boiled rubber to me.
i had originally stopped at mannys hot dog diner in maplewood nj but... the waitress i knew said that she was sorry but they had JUST served their last 2 plates of corn beef. agghhh to the couple sitting next to were i was standing. so a quick phone call to rise and shine to hold a dinner for me and off i went back to my home town diner to pick up my order. :-)
when i arrived home i defrosted a hamburger for myself and sat down to dinner (me as diana) with dad

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