Tuesday, April 2, 2013

post storm sandy repairs march 26th - april 2th 2013

just some info to bring everyone up to date in our repairs since storm sandy.

5 months after storm sandy our roof is repaired, the canopy and gutter replaced, and
the town removed the stump and filled the hole. Yea!

 due to afternoon drissel it took the roofers 3 days just to work on what you see in this photo (the front roof area only)

( the second photo is what it looked like during the storm )
a friend of mine asked if i was really just trying to hide from the tax man. LOL

of course the town crew and the roofers all appeared at the same days. LOL

the cool stump tool drills and breaks up the stump (due to the natural gas line right under the stump)
but using this tool only took about 15 mins

the following week the other company came to install the front canopy and front gutter. and the town also arrived to pick up the stump pieces. what are the odds...


  1. After a massive storm, you'll expect to see everyone outside their house trying to check the aftermath of the storm. Trees were uprooted and the roofs all beat-up. Anyhow, it took you months before you finally fixed your roof, but it's a good thing. I know that you're still in the process of moving forward. I hope that everything will go back to normal soon.

    Maggio Roofing

  2. Hi there, Diana! I want to know the current situation in your neighborhood this time. Are you guys fine now? I hope that you're all doing good and everything’s back to normal. Our area was also hit by a storm last year, but it wasn't as destructive as Sandy. The only thing we need to do was to fix broken roof shingles and clean the pathways.

    Affordable Roofing Florida

  3. It's hard when a natural calamity strikes your area. Nothing is safe from getting damaged. It's okay if the storm left you with battered roof shingles, but if it wasn't the case, then a simple repair job is not enough. The tree fell down on your house? It was a good relief that it didn't affect the entire roofing surface or else you’d have to replace it completely. Nonetheless, it's good to know that you and the rest of your neighborhood are moving forward.

    Dina Schatz @ Wood Roof

  4. thank you Dina, Allyson and Tiffany for your good wishes.