Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January 2, 2008

once again i managed to get out for a few hours as diana using the same outfit accept a diffenent blouse. wow 2 days in a row yeeeaaaa!
i feel i am really starting the new year off right as diana!

i went to drop off a couple late xmas gifts to the owner of the sommerville lingere shop and the owner of "incogneeto vintage clothing" vintage clothing store also in sommerville nj. this is a great shop for those of you looking for vintage clothing. but if you go in p;ease only try on what you actually are planning to buy as the owner works very hard to keep a nicly stocked shop of vintage wear and is very open and supportive of those of us who are transgendered. she even has a web site

next i went over to the bridgewater mall to raido shack to replace a cdplayers ac adapter and then ove r to macy's to get an extra silacon protheese which i found they don't have , next i went to nathen's at the food court to get a bite to eat.

as i headed home i ended up stopping at target to return 2 smaller blouses which i replaced for to larger oversize since they are 100% cotton and finally to walmart to get a replacement cd player gift to replace my aunts defective xmas gift.

it was a great afternoon. ahhhhh so many stores and to so little time as diana to shop in all of them. giggle giggle


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