Sunday, January 6, 2008

January 6, 2008

today although i wore basicaly the same outfit as it has been cold here so the maroon leather skirt and boots and long red dress coat keep the chill out.

i headed out to the dignity church meeting which i arrived at to late aggghhhh but ... i ended up stopping at staples store and although they didn't have what i wanted i ended up greatfully using their restroom. next since i was hungry and headed later to a ballroom dance in drab i decided to stop at a new 5-guys hambergers resterant. this are a great place i have been to others and they use fresh meat done your way and they cut fresh french fries bathed in water and then fried in peanut oil because of the water the oil doesn't sink in . the only problem is if you are allergic to peanuts as they have big barolls of them. also their menu is veeerrryyy limited as their franshise ony allows them to sell afew items soooo they don't have coffee but many locations do have brewed ice tea. the onwers seem to be very strict with the help on clea.nlyness.

this was a short outing as diana but at least i got out.

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