Monday, January 7, 2008

January 7, 2008

well today i got back my woman's dark blue reverse fly slax from the tailor. i immediately changed into them before leaving the shop.

finally i can make my other self dress fully in woman's clothes (accept for the hair) when not in Diana mode in dresses and skirts. giggle giggle

it felt wonderful ahhhhh since i had worn my new blue and white stripe blouse into the tailor shop along with my woman's penny loafers.

i usually wear a sweater vest throughout the winter which basically covers the outline of the undies  and some of the reverse buttons and shape of the blouse (some compromise is needed to blend in for work even thought i am self employed)
also i still am wearing the pale pink nail polish and have found that i can wear makeup accept without lipstick without any comments so far.

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