Monday, August 4, 2008

aug. 6, 2007

today i drove to the 50 miles to my favorite beach as diana and met a gg friend of mine but when i arrived i sat on the horns of a delma as i wanted to go to the beach as both selves aggghhh so since this was the first time i was going to the beach this year my otherself won out. oh well. the interesting thing is that even presenting as my other self i still felt as if i were diana! which makes it hard to get used to being able to go "topless" as my other self. giggle giggle but this allowed me to sit in my other selfs usual spot since i know so many people in that town. my gg friend said i could go as eather self she didn't mind but that she would act as if we were 2 girl friends at the beach. but that wasn't the deciding factor just that my other self one out. interesting. it wasn't till eveing when we went to diinner that i was truly my other self. but then again it was my friends birthday soooo it was just as well.


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