Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10,2008

i couldn't be held back any longer and had to get out again. so as my other self i made him wear full make-up all day and after dinner changed on the way to get milk. since it cooled down after the rain we had i wore a pink T shirt and my white jeans skirt and peds with sandels. unfortunatly stop and shop was closed so it was onto walmart where i bought milk, some unmentionable prostic spair upper inserts, 3 golf shirts for my other self and a few other things as i checked out the girl was sullen as if i was bothering her on her line that had been empty but as i left her coworker stepped by and i overheard her comment that the 1st girl should be carefull as i could be a secreet shopper. giggle giggle Anyway i forgot the apple pie i also wanted soooo back on the road in serch of a food store open after 11pm on a sunday. agghhh
first to quick check but not even a entamans next to shop right one town away which was closed (since when is shop right not open 24 hours?) then onto path mark in the next town which was open but was out of apple pie and coconut custered pies agghhhhh. finally i bought a bit size one and a frozen one sara lee which it turns out is made with splenda agghhh (i have a miled allergy to artaficial sweetners) oh well at least it was now late enough i didn't need to change and could come home as diana. and after all that i'm not sure i want pie as my coffee is cold now. LOL

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