Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 13,2008

Well today started out great i accomplished quite a bit of stuff and so i rewarded myself with going back to the beach. 
i changed on the way and drove the 45 miles to ocean grove i wore my yellow T shirt and white jeans skirt and sandels. i called my gg friend leving a message on her tape letting her know i was on my way but as things happen i got stuck in a traffic jam near the turnpike (they had closed 4 lanes due to a high speed chase ) great just what i wanted soooo i again called and left a message for my gg friend and let her know it would take at least another 1/2 hour or more to get there which normaly takes about an hour.
now it starts to drizzel great! as i thought if the traffic jam continues after the turnpike exit i'll turn around after the bridge and cancell but the jam cleared like it was never there yeaaa i was on my way.

ok now it is almost 2 hours later almost 7 pm but i could still sit on the beach and we could still go to dinner. now i arrived at her house only to find a note " i've moved on "  aghhhh last week it was on again after it was off again last year and today it is off again aghhhh now i call again leaving a messsage and ask for an explaination as i can't read between these lines.
so now i go to the beach anyway but no longer in my diana mood  so i changed back to my other self and go to the beach as my other self get a quick dip in the water and eat my sandwich by myself as.
at least as my other self i can visit with some of my old summer neighbors.
by now i missed the wed band concert on the boardwalk and went off to eat dinner at 10pm by myself. which at least brightened my mood. at least since this wasn't the first time this has happened over the last 2 years so i didn't fall apart but it caught me off guard.
i had a nice late afternoon anyway.
hugs to all

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