Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nov. 9,2008

hi to all

last night i attended a 1918 vintage ball as my other self. the womans gowns were delightfull but oh how i wished i could have been wearing one of them instead of my tux giggle giggle. the satins and delicut lace of 1918 and early 1920's were oh so beautiful along with the few who had a feather plume in their hair how i wanted one in my hair too....

anyway i don't allways get to notate it but i have been out and about shopping and lunch as diana in pretty much the same floral skirt outfit.
i stopped at lord and taylor the other day for sme of my favorite perfume (pleasurse by esty) and to say hi to one of the workers who also stlyles my "hair" in the beauty supply shop.

just a note here she instructed me in cleaning my makeup brushes which she said should be done about once a week
soapy water in the palm of the hand working the brushes in and rinseing well and after blotting dry lay out to air dry.
she also mentioned one can regain the edge to lipstick by running it accross a tissue on a flat serface.

she introduced me to several of her fellow cosmetic friends who treated me as a lady. it was so nice to be treated as "one of the girls" giggle giggle it makes one feel soooo elagent. giggle giggle ahhhhhh. as if stepping into an inner circle of friends or like stepping back in time to another erra.


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