Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3,2008

as promised here is the photo of the black floral lined skirt and coral shirt with the black leather blazer i wore the other day.

since there wasn't a local place to go to on halloween i didn't choose a costume to go anywhere in. if i did i had thought about cinderellea or a pretty witch which i had the outfit for.
i did go to a party as my other self as a former banker now bum giggle giggle.
hope you all had fun if you found somewhere to go in costume for halloween.

since i get to go out often dressed as diana i reallized it would be more fun to choose a womans costume to go out in on halloween so i didn' t bother to dress as diana. that is not ment to sound snobish but i now realize i woant to be more like the actual gg's so i need to act accordingly.

hugs to all

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