Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 02, 2009 - thank you and i am going to miss all of you at the ol' 360 site

first i want to say thank you for all who have viewed my page over the years.
when i first started i NEVER thought i 'd end up with over 12,000 views . never!
it really is interesting in that my other selves blog has only received about 340 views so it shows me just what kind of network we have had here. why yahoo wants to dispose of something that popular is beyond me!

one cool recent thing is that Mozilla's recent upgrade allows me to check spelling as i go along . yeeeaaaa to a poor speller (no it is not just my light hair LOL) this is a dream come true.

if you wish to keep in touch please tell me where you will be. at least try to set up the new yahoo site to have a connection.

meanwhile i managed to get out 11 times last month ya- hoo (no pun intended LOl) including yesterday and today for some shopping.
the interesting thing is that yesterday in walmart i had a woman who spoke broken english ask whether or not i had any children. he he. as we chatted about the blouse she was looking at. since it was 100% cotton she need one size larger that they were out of . isn't that all ways the way. :-)
yesterday it was warm enough on a weekend to get away with my white jeans skirt and pink "t" shirt along with white sandals and white purse. first it was McDonald's for some lunch then to the paper store for the Sunday newspaper ( i still must have the funnies on Sunday cause i like them and also because i all ways say at least i know it is fiction vs the rest of the paper these days that might be truth or fiction i am not sure which LOL)
next off to home depo for some beaded lamp chain to hang a laminated sign for the use instructions of a larger recently acquired rider lawn mower my dad uses, then off to target where i tried on and bought 3 white tennis type shirts ( good price at 9.99 ea vs those lands end ones at more than 2x that price over at sears.) but didn't find the pack of white sox i wanted. and finally over to Stop and Shop for a few supplies (like chocolate chip cookies and milk LOL also the new mosqueto deterent to control our unofficial sate incect the mosquetto LOLect. ) at sop and shop they are all ways friendly to me. in fact if i don't stop in for a couple of weeks they ask if all is ok? that is a nice feeling for such a big store. this and a&p are delight full stores to shop in . they are much cleaner and friendlier than most of the local Shop Right stores. which to me the local ones are starting to take on the look of big dirty unfriendly, and and rude warehouses .
to day since it cooled back off and since it was the look of the work day i wore my black longer floral skirt and a short sleeve white blouse black flats and a black purse along with back to dark panty hose.
the drape store was allready closed when i arrived at 8:30 a(closed at 7pm - what happeneed to stores that stayed open till 9pm?) so off to pay less shoes. our local one is very limited i hae never found anything in my size of 10- 10-1/2. so over to pathmark next door to look for the no nonsence brand of socks i have been looking for. here i hit paydirt. found the package of white sox i hae been looking for since drug fair was bought by walgreens and most have closed their doors.
i think we have just about every store ever invented along our local highway. LOL
hugs to all and please let me know where everyone can be contacted in the future

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