Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 04, 2009

as i think about the closing of yahoo 360 i don't know weather to be angry or sad.
i can't tell you the amount of time i have wasted on getting ready for the move. especially with moving the contacts ( although my contact list is VERY important so i really don't consider it a waste of time) due to the fact that no provision accept one at a time as each must be moved and invited individually. i can't believe that a well known company like yahoo couldn't do a little better job than that.
on the other hand..... we are darn lucky that they didn't just decide to shut it off one morning. at least they are giving us some time to transfer everything.

here is a question can anyone tell me the easiest way to back up all my files before the move?

anyway on a happier note i did manage to get out and about as diana for the last 3 days. yea. i am attempting to start the month out right by putting my prettiest shoe foward. or something like that. LOL and today i actually i stopped into a small competitor's store as diana just to see their new (last years move LOL) location. they haveonly meet my other self once or twice in the last 10 years or so but i think the lady knew my facial profile. but she never let on. heh he we chatted for a bit about the finacial situaltion in our field . i was wearing my longer pretty black floral skirt and lace trimmed white short sleve blouse with black flats and a black leather jacket again as it had gotten chilly again with the afternoon rain. which felt better after yesterdays humid spell. i also stopped at a few stores along the way.

thanks for letting me vent

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